Who is ZEE ?



Our dedicated mascot and friend, Baby ZEE has been with us since day one, he was there when Hello ZEE was just an idea of a revolutionary eco system of software’s and hardware shaping our vision of what the future we believe look like. Zee was and is, the voice and the inspiration of taking the digital front of our lives and pushing it to the back where we don’t need to know it’s there. The Hello zee eco system is based on true freedom, freedom from charging, freedom from carrying your technology where ever you go, freedom of the digital rat race. Our team comprise of individuals that were there before the first mobile phone emerged, when the first PC and mac floated into everyone’s living rooms and before the internet changed the way we interact as a society. We were there before and we are here today with strong commitment to future generations, we plan to reshape your digital lifestyle in the most beautiful way possible, so welcome change and hello future, we are here to stay.
#lovebabyzee #zeehellofuture.


  • Aharon (Henry) Elgrissy


  • David Dromy


  • Andrej Tabulov

    Mechanical Engineering

  • Aron Kumar

    3D Animation

  • Janelle Olvera


  • Lani Baenchantha

    Graphic Designer

  • Anna Karamazina


  • Isaac Tobaly

    Hardware and manufacturing

  • Kelly Xi

    Hardware and manufacturing