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The Universal ZEE Core smart case was designed to perfectly protect your iPhone 8. The shock proof cover is an all-in-one unit that adds A 2600mAh Battery, Built in Memory Storage (32Gb,64Gb,128gb) A powerful LED light, Wireless charging (QI)+USB port that will charge both your iPhone and ZEE Core battery altogether.

More than 21 amazing features, Scroll down to learn more!

The ZEE core comes in 4 models that carry all of the features described above 3 of the models also carry built in memory storage.

1. Gold, 128Gb built in memory+2600mAh Battery+Wireless charging.
2. Silver, 64Gb built in memory+2600mAh Battery+Wireless charging.
3. Gun metal 32Gb built in memory+2600mAh Battery+Wireless charging.
4. Lifeline, 2600mAh Battery+Wireless charging.
Models 1,2,3 requires An App please download the FREE ZEE CORE APP from the app store.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 90 x 60 x 91 in


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